Nasihat Alumni Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat UiTM Machang Kepada Pelajar Semester Akhir

Beberapa hari lepas saya telah berkongsi dengan pelajar semester akhir ijazah Pengurusan Maklumat di Machang. Di bawah ini ialah teks ucapan tersebut. Sesetengah daripadanya telah di-edit.

Perkongsian ini menggunakan kedua-dua bahasa: bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa Malaysia.

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan salam sejahtera.

Terima kasih kerana telah menjemput saya di dalam sesi perkongsian alumni ini. I feel really honored to be here. The last time I was here, Dr Ghazali is my program coordinator, IM225. Maybe the code have changed. Tapi sekarang, he is the Timbalan Rektor HEA. Tahniah to Dr Ghazali. Dr Nasir is the Ketua Koordinator Program. And En Zafian sekarang ni jadi koordinator program? Semua dah naik pangkat dah.

Tahniah Dr, tahniah En Zafian.

Macam lama sangat je tinggal dari sini?

So I was thinking, dua tahun dah pergi dari UiTM Mache… so what can I tell to you guys after 2 years of leaving UiTM?

So fikir-fikir… I decided to share some things I’ve done and what I’ve learned from this course and what I learned after leaving UiTM. So here it is. Lessons from ex-Machangster after 2 years of leaving Mache.

#1 This University is Your Dojo

Let’s start with the beginning dulu.

Jun 2010 itu ialah bulan dan tahun saya enroll ke dalam UiTM. Seminggu dalam program perkenalan. Lepas tu ada kelas IMC402 if I’m not mistaken. The first week I was in his class, saya kena ”sound”. Dahlah datang lambat, pakai pun seluar slack dengan sport shoes. Memang kenalah dengan dia. I’m not really someone yang pakai sharp and smart at that time.

Lepas tu, kena pulak soal “give levels of information”. Data la, information la, knowledge la, wisdom la. (Eh betul ke tu?). All these things are things that you experience in the university. Kadang-kadang bila terfikir balik all the experiences, nak gelak je rasa.

So teka, lecturer apa yang suruh berdiri jawab soalan and kalau tak, kena duduk?

In the university, you grow.

Dojo. Tempat belajar. Instead of martial arts, you learn about kehidupan. Trying to discover yourself. Discovering your place in the world.

So how do you fare in this dojo called UiTM Mache?

It is up to you. You will finish going to this dojo dalam masa terdekat ni.

What do you make of it?

Untuk yang part 6, what would happen after you finished your dojo life?

#2 You will be asked this question: Imagine yourself in 5 years, what would it be?

So here’s the thing, salah satu soalan yang akan anda dengar di dalam apa-apa temuduga ialah, “apa yang anda bayangkan tentang diri anda 5 tahun daripada sekarang?”. “Imagine yourself in 5 years, what would it be?”

Soalan ini selalunya akan keluar selepas penemuduga habis bertanya soalan-soalan seperti “kenalkan diri anda”, “apa yang anda tahu mengenai syarikat ini”, dan “apa yang anda faham tentang kerja ini”.

Bila orang tanya saya soalan ini, saya akan kata, “saya tak tahu. Tapi apa yang saya tahu ialah saya akan berikan added value to this company now.”

Itu masa interviu. OK, so dapat kerja. So how do you add value pada syarikat tu? Ini jawapan dia: Through what you learned so far. In life. In the university. In the programs you joined. In the classes that you take. In friends you make here and out there.

Dengan menggunakan whatever you have learned, you will be able to add value to the company you you joined. And then, you will be able to deliver more. Do more. And people will love you and your boss will want you to stay.

That’s how.

#3 You probably use what you learned, in an unexpected circumstances

Untuk yang part 6, ingat lagi tak apa yang korang belajar masa part 1, part 2 or part 3 dulu? Subjek-subjek tu maybe membantu in whatever career you choose.

For instance, database. I am currently a mobile app developer. Obviously I need to create some kinds of database design. I don’t use Microsoft Access like in the university, but what you learned there can help. In Part 5 or Part 6 you probably learned about decision theory. Ingat tak penting? I am using it for animation and for some programming logic.

You might be using it to create process flow. Process flow tu pulak berkait dengan Information System Design. Whatever you learn sekarang might be ada kaitan dengan tempat kerja.

Kita kan ada course di mana kita kena cari satu projek and do a proposal based on it? Itu lagilah. Sometimes people ask me to go through some proposals, teringat some of the lessons dalam tu. Buku Information System Project Management tu pun still ada yang merah tu. Buku Administrative Data Centre yang segedabak besar yang hardcover tu? Sekarang dah ada dekat ofis dah jadi referens untuk buat RFP (Request for Purchase) untuk setup environment untuk a project that we are working on right now.

Actually banyak subjek yang somehow appeared out of nowhere to be useful. And sometimes bila lepak-lepak dengan kawan from other industries… macam yang buka kedai bundle, somehow ada je yang boleh pakai daripada apa yang kita belajar ni. Serius banyak benda boleh pakai. Heck, remember that you need to interview people? That’s super important especially if you want to talk with important people.

Whatever you learned here, you might be using it in an unepected way. That’s the good thing about interdisciplinary field macam IM ni.

#4 You will find that EVERYTHING requires information. Even death.

Have you searched for Information Management in the Google?

Kalau ikut Wiki, Information Management (IM) concerns a cycle of organizational activity: the acquisition of information to those who need it, and its ultimate disposition through archiving or deletion.

Sounds academic kan?

What it means that apa-apa organisai yang utilize information akan menguruskan information.Let me say it again: apa-apa organisasi pun akan menguruskan maklumatnya.

So tell me, apa organisasi yang takde maklumat? Business have it. Non-profit have it. A freaking big GLC obviously have it. Dalam dunia knowledge society, setiap tempat menggunakan information. Heck, budak repair motor pun kena store info spare part yang ada dalam storage dia.

Few weeks back my grandfather passed away. There are many forms to fill and sign. To transfer the pension, the will, and many others. Even death, needs information.

Obviously semua benda around us pakai maklumat. So in everything, there is information.

If information is there, someone will have to manage it. To yang banyak job title you see out there. Kalau office type of work, the kerja will be admin, HR, project exec, and even marketing.

You don’t have to worry.

There are a lot of jobs out there. Don’t worry.

#5 You will be afraid. But never let it stop you.

Are you afraid with what you are going to face in the future?

The work.

The TOTALLY unknown place.

With no one you know.

Life is full with unknowns. Benda yang kita tak expect. Right after I finished my VIVA, I got myself involved with a startup. It failed. We expect the system to be finished in 3 months but dah 5 bulan still tak siap. Siapa tak frust when you put in so much effort, time and money tapi tak menjadi, kan?

Don’t be surprised kalau tak dapat kerja. Puluh ribu orang dekat luar sana tak dapat kerja. Graduates juga like what you would be in the future. If you got any chance at all, ambil peluang tu. Dapatkan pengalaman.

Memang takut tapi kita kena sedar satu: life IS full with unknown. When we realize that, we are ready mentally and in our heart that things can go our way OR go against us.

That’s life.

You know, what you learn in IM is this: it is an interdisciplinary field. Kita belajar computer. Kita belajar record. Kita belajar library. Kita belajar information. As I said before, kita boleh gunakannya everywhere we go to every company that we put ourselves in.

Got a weak subject? Jangan risau. I don’t get all A’s jugak. Obviously, those are not my lecturer’s fault, just to be clear. Maybe I memorize wrongly or I just don’t remember well or I don’t study well at that time. And just busy with juggling with work, club, and university.

Kalau tak dapat A, tak bermaksud kita tak boleh guna knowledge yang kita dapat dalam real life. Kita boleh google things up and understand things and as a result, you will be able to create things that will be used by thousands of people in the future.

#6 You will find opportunities… and you will fail.

You have to try things. Kadang-kadang orang tak nak buat kerja sebb dia kata dia tak minat. Sure. Tapi take all the opportunities that you can find. Anggapnya sebagai satu practice. It’s a humbling experience.

I once part of a startup. It is a company that wants to be the go-to company untuk semua vendor. You nak jual apa? You list the thing with us, we will find people to sell it for you and we have a system that will make managing all of it to be easy.

But we underestimate the complexity. It took way longer than we thought. Ingat siap dalam 3 bulan, tapi dah 5 bulan tak siap. And we underestimate how much money we are burning each month.

So nak tak, kena scale down and since frontend is nearly finished (I was their frontend developer), I quit. We had a reunion few months and we remiscience our time back then.

Then I entered Public Bank.

I did not have prior experience using C#. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t learn, right? Nak guna Internet pun tak boleh. So you have to read the previous code and guess what the code means and what it does.

That means most of my work is trial and error. But I learned. Itu yang penting: the more we learn, the more people start to appreciate our work. Fortunately, a month plus lepas tu, I got access to a very limited Internet and able to do work much faster.

Susah tu normal. Life is never easy. It will be easy, after you paid your dues in life.

But, after a while, I start to get bored. And I was looking for a way out.

Then, someone told me, “nak buat mobile apps tak, Man?”

I’m all ears.

But it’s in January, and GST will be implemented in April, so I said, “takpe, aku siapkan dulu kerja aku dekat sini. Nanti Mac aku join ko.”

I finished my job, make sure the output is correct, and then I handed in my resignation letter.

The last day tu ramai pulak mintak buat amendment for that report module for it. “Today is your last day ar, Rahman? Can you wait?”

I actually told my bosses in January, and in the last 2 months I was there, they are asking me to stay. I would get 2 months bonus upon signing (there are some kinds of calculation depending on how long you have work in it), and I would be confirmed as an Analyst Programmer on 15th March 2015.

Most people would be OK, and happy receiving that money just by staying, tapi, to me, there’s more OUT THERE. That’s just my gut feeling, but I know I could do more.

If I confirm, I would get the money, and it would take 1 month resignation notice to the bank. That offer that I got might be off the table. (I already push the date from January to March after all).

At that time, I was interested in doing something more. Something else. I was looking out of the window and looking for a way for me to get out.

As a trainee analyst programmer, I only need to give the bank 1 day notice to resign. And to me, that’s a gold.

So I took the chance. The risk. The opportunity.

Then, I signed up to a new company as a Mobile App Developer. I reported for duty on 2nd March, 2015.

In Theta Mobile, I am a Mobile Application Developer. Theta Mobile ni actually syarikat under Tabung Haji. And right now we are trying to make a telco called Mukminfon. Kalau nak tahu, boleh pergi ke

And that website is actually made by another senior of yours, Syahira. She’s the one who coaxed me into joining. Dia minta my resume in January, but I said I want to finish the GST thing first. Tu yang bulan 3 baru pergi ke Theta tu.

It’s very new. Baru 3 bulan in the telco market. Masa saya masuk, I did not know about this project. I only know that I need to create Android app. Since this is a very new initiative, I got to be involved with development of many things. For instance, in creation of self-care. Or content, and many new things that will be unveiled in the future.

Obviously, I was not taught about how to code in Java or C# in the university.

I have to learn it on my own. But what I DO learned in the university is how to find information, how to make sense of all those information and make myself easier to learn all these new things that I have to learn. So I learn Java, and then I learn to use tool such as Android Studio, and I learn to combine that to the server side of it which is powered by PHP and C#.

Am I afraid? Of course. But maybe I am thrilled more than afraid.

There, I was tasked to build a chat app. WhatsApp and WeChat would-be competitor… but it is hard. But it’s exciting. If I finished it on time, it might be used by 20 thousand people in the future. The prototype of the chatting app might be used by next month.

You probably have heard or read about Cara Mukmin. I posted it in the Information System UiTM Kelantan’s group. It was first developed by my senior manager, en Faiz. (Tapi lawak pula rasa… my supervisor is en Faiz juga. And I have a manager named Faiz as well.)

But few months ago he handed me the codes and responsibility to enhance it and add more features to it. Challenging? Yes. Worth doing? Yes.

It has 1) calendar which sync with whatever public holiday in Malaysia, it has 2) waktu solat, 3) tazkirah which is based on time of the day, 4) find the nearest masjid and surau, and 5) search in Mukminfon’s suites of apps right from Cara Mukmin.

Before Cara Mukmin, there is this so-called Pelancar Mukmin where it is actually a launcher (buka fon, dia jadi part of your phone), tapi the market doesn’t want it. So we changed it to Cara Mukmin. So instead of a launcher app, we make it as a normal app.

Dan kalau siapa yang pakai iPhone, nanti ada lah untuk App Store… in the near future.

So what else?

Raudhah is another app. It is a knowledgebase. Bayangkan macam library. Gedung ilmu. Gedung yang ada banyak ada kategori.

Sekarang ni ada Haji dan Umrah, Akhlak, Sebalik Bulan Islam dan lain-lain. Ni pon ada dekat Play Store. Pun boleh download. Dalam tu ada jugak quiz and you’ll know how much you have read dalam app tu. Multimedia jugak. Audio ada. Video pun ada.

Lagi satu yang baru up for few weeks ialah Taqwim Mukmin. It’s hijri masihi converter. Tukar tarikh hijrah ke masihi, ataupun masihi ke hijrah. Kalau nak tahu umur dalam tahun hijrah pun boleh. Cuba letak umur anda dalam Taqwim ni, anda akan tahu umur anda.

Life is like that. Yang Part 6 sekarang, next semester you will embark on internship. Untuk sesetengah, they will find it boring. To some, they will find it, exciting. Whatever you find, make full use of it for your own sake. Your own learning. If not, the university won’t put us in that practical training. It is a preparation for your journey after this.

Kalau ada sesiapa teringin nak menjadi intern di Theta Mobile, boleh jumpa saya. You can see how a telco starts. You’ll see how a company grow. Dan itu yang valuable. You get an experience that is hard to get elsewhere.

Remember that when I said “You probably use what you learned, in an unexpected circumstances”?

This Mukminfon initiative is very new. So you might be using the things you learn in records and apply it as a filing system. Or what you learn in library, pun apply dalam tu. You will be able to directly apply whatever you learn: itulah early stage company. You are able to apply many things theories into practice and see how it fares in the real world.

Nak susun file subscribers ikut color? Nak susun dealers ikut numbers? How about APIs? Susun ikut categories ataupun jenis API call ataupun susun ikut aphabetical order ataupun macam mana?

What kind of retrieving system nak apply ataupun hanya perlu ada index file untuk cari semua tu?

If you want working place that can make you feel awesome, engaged, and make you feel like living, you can do your internship with Theta Mobile. Who knows, maybe you’ll be hired fulltime there?

Kelmarin ada orang beli dart. Bolehlah kita main dart bila tension.

Mana tahu kot-kot satu hari nanti sebesar Digi ke? Altel ke? Kita mimpi besar-besar, dan sambil tu kita buat apa yang boleh buat untuk jadikan mimpi tu, “eh, dah jadilah.”

#7 So After 2 Years Leaving Mache, What Have I Learned?

Many lessons I learned in life I learned here in UiTM. This is what I can show to you guys. For now. Mana tahu ada lagi in the future, kan? Even bigger ke? Or even more important ke? I don’t know. There are so many variables in life.

So soalan dia, “What would you imagine you would be, 5 year from now?”

I’m just 2 years in. Ada lagi 3 tahun lagi for me. Lagi 3 years we can see where I am. Am I still here, doing more? Or am I elsewhere, doing something that interests me even more than I am right now?

My answer would be, “Whatever I do, I’ll add value to it. That’s what I’m sure of”.

Go live your life to the fullest out there, and then, in the future, datang balik ke UiTM and encourage your juniors to do the same. Pass the baton forward.

Jangan biarkan malu segan halang diri. Face it. Let those malu and segan go through you. Feel it. And go through life with your head held high.

So whatever your result is, pandang depan. Jalan terus. Don’t be afraid if you get technical job. The key to anything is obvious: Don’t stop learning. Whatever your job is, Always Be Creating. Learn. Explore. Heck, you guys are Information Management would-be graduates. Lagi lah. Korang tahu macam mana nak cari info. Nak manage info. Nak combine. Nak sort. You have awesome lecturers here teaching here.

I know lah, because I too learned from them. They have given their best to you guys and gals. So make them proud, guys and gals. Carpe Diem. Seize the Day. Hidup sehidup-hidupnya. Dream a lot. Do a lot.

Best of luck, bakal-bakal graduates IM!

Thank you.

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